About Jute

We live in a time of hyper-connection.

It’s wonderful. Video chatting with grandkids. Ordering groceries from the toilet. Telling your lights to “turn on Christmas.”

It’s a lot. Managing all the social platforms. Knowing whether your data is safe. Having your phone “hear you” and suggest that YES you DO need that hot dog lamp.

We want to bring the soul back into modern communication. To help you protect your voice, your ideas, and your thoughts.

More communicating. Less chasing. More connection. Less compromise. Let’s Jute this!

The Jute Mission.

To give everyone a platform for sharing ideas, starting conversations, and owning their own content.

Right now, that means helping small businesses create one-page websites that they own entirely (no data harvesting) without needing to take a freaking webinar.

In the future, we are laying the groundwork to reinvent modern communication in all areas of life – from how people share passion projects to how families plan trips together. All without Big Data ogling your every move.


Because your thoughts are your own, and your publishing partner should act like it.

Own your thoughts, own your ideas, own your conversations. That’s the right way. And it’s the Jute way.

Ready to launch a one page website *YOU OWN* in 5 minutes or less?

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