What are the features?

It’s hard to pick from all of the amazing features included with Jute Pages, but here are a few of our favorites.

Data Privacy

We don't track or sell your data. Some websites do - they track your browsing history and sell your data. Not Jute. If you've shared a hot take here and there or post the occasional late-night selfie playing dress-up with the dog, that shouldn't make your whole life an open book. We don't go there. With Jute, your data belongs to you.

Tips to make your page great

Need some advice? We’re here to help! With a robust Tips section covering nearly all of the parts of your Jute Page, you will have the information you need to keep your page running at peak performance.

Your page built for SEO

We take the mystery out of SEO and build the most important features right into your page. Track your efforts with built-in Page Insights and even try some new strategies with our helpful Tips sections.

Your site will have things like this in 5 minutes