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  • Let me begin by recommending

    Date Published: 2021-08-19 18:10:42 UTC

    You don't do this ride unless you're pretty confident in your fitness. The climb up from Marlette Lake trail is pretty tough, but relatively short. There is an optional drop 1/2 way down. Trails are drying out quickly. I need to learn how to jump! Technical features are speed and lots of loose rock in between sections of high speed red clay. If you continue, the trail ends at one of the lakes and continues lakeside until reaching the point where you began the trail The lake-side bit is fairly technical and very fun. Some wettness, but new sections are well drained and very good. Riders need to be at a decent skill level to attempt this trail.

  • Out here you will find the most legal features

    Date Published: 2021-08-19 18:11:00 UTC

    Out here you will find the most legal features including log rides, jumps and rock rolls in South Tahoe including the new jumps, berms, rollers and hips TAMBA and SBTS built in 2014. Fast transitions and high berms help with the turns. Sign is posted at entrance to warn users of features. Parking at the bottom is near mile 12 of Palmer Fishhook Road, while the top of the trailhead starts near mile 16 of Palmer Fishhook Road. Freeze-thaw cycle isn't awful, but does make this trail rather slick. Be careful of the rock stairs relatively close to the top of this portion; too much speed could doom your descent on these. Don't miss this trail! There is no preferred direction and the trail is a great connector for several other fun loops. Starts off flowy with some good jumps then gets into more technical rock gardens.

  • Some of the densely covered trails are damp

    Date Published: 2021-08-19 18:11:23 UTC

    Fast, fun descent. Even though it is a short trail it is extremely fun to ride. Very windy so drying fast. Wait a few days after any fresh snowfall and the entire area becomes one giant freeride trail after all the shredders pack down the powder. Clear Creek Trail is a fun single track that traverses the hills between Jack's Valley Rd and Highway 50. At the bottom the trail joins Hide and Seek above a major creek crossing. The climb to the top ends with a beautiful vista of Twin Lakes and the surrounding area. For the ultimate downhill blast, ride to the top of Hickory Mountain Loop, take a minute to catch your breath and prepare to smile all the way to the parking lot, barely needing to pedal.