• Allergy-friendly comfort food is a mood.

    Date Published: 4/5/2022

    When I first realized I had a gluten intolerance, I was shook. I am a bread HEATHEN. The first thing I do when I land in Paris is march into a bakery to down a baguette on the street like a raccoon. As a chef, I don't like being forced to use certain ingredients over others. But my body was in a battle with my mind, so I was forced to get creative. 

    I've learned that you can add other star ingredients to the dish to keep the comfort and indulgence *chef's kiss* while taking care of your bodily needs.

  • Tips for cooking gluten-free pasta at home.

    Date Published: 4/5/2022

    Have you ever strolled the organic aisle at the supermarket and bought a new brand of gluten-free pasta, SUPER STOKED to bring it home and kiss your fingertips and shout Mama Mia! Only to end up with a gross, dense nucleus of shapes that stick together in the pot? Let's never do that again, shall we? 

    First rule of cooking gluten-free pasta: Always use a LARGE pot. Like, way larger than you think is sane. There will be foam, but that's okay! 

    Second, always add salt, never oil. 

    Once the pasta is boiling away, give it a good stir and KEEP stirring every few minutes to make sure you don't end up with a noodle ball. 

    Follow the instructions on the package and before draining, be sure to reserve 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the cooking water. Gluten-free pasta dries out FAST if it's not sauced straight out the gate. Add part of the water back into the pot with the drained pasta to loosen and break up any clumps.