• We've added to our team! Meet Aiden.

    Date Published: 4/4/2022

    Give a shout-out to our newest team member, Aiden, who joins us after leaving a 15 year career in accounting. Whaaaat? That's right. Aiden can protect you from audits AND bad hair days. 

    Aiden's passion is color - especially more intense colors. Perhaps it was spending years in a beige cubicle that brought out the blue-hair lover in him. If you're feeling brave and want to try an entirely new look, give us a shout and mention "Aiden summoned you" for 10% off your rocking' new do.

  • Pay it forward! Buy a haircut "sospeso."

    Date Published: 4/4/2022

    Have you heard the phrase caffè sospeso? It translates to "suspended coffee" and is a tradition in Naples, Italy to pay in advance for a person who cannot afford a cup of coffee.   

    Of course, given our outreach spirit, we were inspired to embrace this concept! All this month, we're encouraging clients to buy a haircut "sospeso" to pass along to a person in need. As a token of our gratitude, we'll include a free aromatherapy neck, head and hand massage at your visit.