• New strings already out of tune? Here's what's up.

    Date Published: 4/5/2022

    When new strings are put on a fiddle, they stretch over the course of a week. Like new jeans! You will need to tune the fiddle accordingly until those strings settle. If you are using fine adjusters, you may tighten them to their limit and find that they can't go any further. Simply loosen the fine adjusters completely (anti-clockwise) and roughly tune the fiddle using the pegs. 

    If you're moving your fiddle between extreme temperatures or humidity levels, this will also affect its tune. It's helpful to take your fiddle out of its case as soon as you can, to let it readjust to the new temperature before you re-tune it. 

  • My whacky songwriting approach.

    Date Published: 4/5/2022

    I love hearing stories about songs coming to people during a pivotal point in their lives. Through a breakup, after a milestone event, while taking a particularly invigorating shower. Music never appears to me like that. I only write songs in my dreams. Don't get me wrong, this is cool! But I feel like I can't ever take credit. Damn you subconscious! Plus it's also unreliable. (And why I have 2 whole songs to my name.) In any case, it's interesting. Here's how dreamwriting works in my brain.